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Mazda RX7 Engine Porting

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-Intake Porting
-Street Port
-Half Bridge Port
-Full Bridge Port


-Manifold Runners-
 Port match
Port matching the manifold runners to the engine ports will reduce turbulence and increase hp, while decreasing turbo lag (if applicable).

-Throttle Body-
Despite claims, this does not give a ton of extra horsepower. What it does do, however, is gives a greater increase in throttle response and a little more of that “instant power” when you mash the gas pedal down all at once. The engine will rev up a bit quicker and feel like it’s a lot more open through the midrange. It also aids slightly with spool-up on turbo cars.

Throttle Body:
(click to enlarge)
 RX-7 Throttle Body Porting Intake Butteryfly Removal


- Engine Street Port 1
If you’re asking the question: “will a ported engine still pass smog?” this is the port for you. Air flow path is smoothed out and closing edge of the port is tapered for better flow. Port timing is either not advanced at all, or only slightly advanced, depending on application. Gas mileage is typically not affected. Stock turbo(s) and computer works just fine, although some form of fuel enrichment should be used on 3rd gens.

Stock Port VS Mild Street Port: (click to enlarge)
RX7 13B Street Port VS Stock Port Rotary Wankel

Polished Street Port: (click to enlarge)
RX7 Rebuild Street Port Porting Rotary TurboII 13B 1.3L

Intake Port Runner: (click to enlarge)
RX7 Street Port Intake Runner Rotary TurboII

-Engine Street Port 2
Same as port style 1, but with advanced port timing. Gives awesome power through the midrange and spools turbos a lot quicker. This is the port where your idle quality deteriorates. A reasonable idle of 800-900 rpm can still be achieved, but you’ll notice some misfiring due to the extra port overlap. Vacuum signal typically between 14 and 16” @ 900 rpm. This port can be customized to your specification. Gas mileage either stays about the same or decreases slightly, but 20+ mpg on a properly tuned setup is still attainable, depending on weight, driving habits, etc…. stock turbo(s) is inadequate and should be upgraded. you’ll see the best results with an engine management system.

Stock Port VS Big Street Port: (click to enlarge)
RX7 Big Street Port VS Stock Port Rotary

Big Street Port Photoshop overlay on top of Stock Port: (click to enlarge)
RX7 Rotary Big Street Port Overlayed on top of a Stock Port

Big Street Port side shot: (click to enlarge)
RX7 Monster Street Port Rotary Turbo

Big Street Port side shot 2: (click to enlarge)

Big Street Port side shot 3: (click to enlarge)

Big Street Port side shot 4: (click to enlarge)

Big Street Port side shot 5: (click to enlarge)

Big Street Port side shot 6: (click to enlarge)

Big Street Port Collage: (click to enlarge)
RX7 Monster Big Street Port All Rotary

Big Street Port Intake Runner #1: (click to enlarge)
RX7 Big Streetport Intake Runner Rotary 13B Iron

Big Street Port Intake Runner #2: (click to enlarge)
RX7 Large Street Port Intake Runner Wankel


-Engine Halfie 1-
Brap brap brap… but still streetable (depending on your idea of what streetable is). Brappy idle between 1200 and 1400, vacuum signal deteriorates quite a bit.. gas mileage goes downhill, big top end power though. Stand alone engine management mandatory!

Street Bridgeport VS Stock Port: (click to enlarge)
RX7 Street Small Bridge Port VS Stock Port Rotary Wankel

Stock Intake Runner VS Bridgeport Intake Runner: (click to enlarge)
RX7 Rotary Small Bridge Port VS Stock Port

Bridgeport Intake Runner FD3S: (click to enlarge)

Bridgeport: (click to enlarge)
RX7 Port Polished Rotary Wankel 13B 13BT Turbo II

Bridgeport for a FD3S 3rd Gen RX7 Picture 1: (click to enlarge)

Bridgeport for a FD3S 3rd Gen RX7 Picture 2: (click to enlarge)

Bridgeport for a FD3S 3rd Gen RX7 Picture 3: (click to enlarge)

1/3rd Bridgeport: for a 2nd Gen RX7 Auxiliary 6 port  (click to enlarge)

-Engine Halfie 2-

BRAP BRAP BRAP …a more extreme version where the rotor housings themselves are notched to facilitate better flow. Idle @ 1500-1600 rpm, vacuum signal is about non-existent. Don’t even think about commuting with it as massive overlap is a problem from the large bridge porting. Definitely requires the use of a standalone EMS and upgraded primary and secondary injectors. Street trips are possible, but drivability is definitely effected.

Extreme Bridgeport: (click to enlarge)
13B Half Bridge Port RX7 Rotary Turbo NA


-Engine Full Bridge-
Same as halfie 2 except bridged on the primaries as well… race only!

-Custom Engine Porting-
We will custom port to your specs.

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