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RX-8 Special

RX8 Renesis Rotary Intake Exhaust Ports 13B  RX-8 Renesis Exhaust port 13B Rotary Wankel 9000 rpm  RX8 2005 2006 Renesis Porting More Horsepower 9K redline

$2350 small porting/$2550 large porting
- removal and re-installation
- all parts necessary
-engine rebuild and porting
- engine break-in
*clutch is extra if needed (recommended)

2nd Gen RX-7 Section Updated -- Posted by ReZ on Monday, Feb. 14 2005

-For Customer Cars, 2nd Gen RX-7 has an update on one of it's project cars. A 3 rotor 20B 2nd Gen RX7. Yes, That's right. A FC3S Turbo II chassis.

EMS Section Updated -- Posted by ReZ on Sunday, Feb. 13 2005

-The EMS Services section has been updated. For Haltech, Microtech, Wolf EMS installs. Water Injection is in this category as well.

PDF Update -- Posted by ReZ on Monday, Feb. 7 2005

-PDF technical manuals have been uploaded to the Technical Info Section under PDF Manuals. There are not too many sites hosting these files anymore, so I'm just doing the favor of rehosting them.

Front Cover Gasket Mod -- Posted by ReZ on Wednesday, Feb. 3 2005

-Technical Info for Modifications has an update for RX-7 to RX-8 Renesis Front Cover Gasket Mod.

Rebuilds Section Update -- Posted by ReZ on Wednesday, Jan. 26 2005

-The Rebuilds section has been updated. Rebuild gif also created.

Porting Section Update -- Posted by ReZ on Wednesday, Jan. 19 2005

-The Porting section under Services is completed. Check out the porting pictures. Next update will be on a 3 Rotor 2nd gen RX-7 Turbo II conversion.

FORUM is up!!!! -- Posted by ReZ on Sunday, Jan. 09 2005's forum is up now! It's LIVE! Click here to view Thanks!

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