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RX7 Jacobs FC 1000 Ignition Amplifier Install

- Jacobs FC1000 ignition amplifier install writeup for the 2nd gen Mazda RX7 FC3S.

The 2nd Gen RX7ís already have a great ignition system. We are going to make it even better!

Cost: ~$140,, etc.
Advantages: More torque in the low rpm range - especially on ported engines, better fuel economy.

***Before we get started: is not responsible for any mishaps that may happen from this. Whether you electrocute yourself to death or destroy your car from it. YOU ARE DEALING WITH HIGH VOLTAGE HERE! Always use common sense!***

Ok now. After that wonderful fireman discussion, letís look at what we got:

Now, out of the box we have got a thick red and black wire, and 4 skinny wires: white and black, red and green. The other wires we wonít be using, so tuck them up out of the way somewhere.

Lets mount the box. I chose the ultra-ghetto self-tapping screw method. A pure favorite among DIY's (Do It Yourselfers)...

And there we go! All mounted in place!

Lets start wiring it in. Since the fuses arenít plugged in yet, the unit doesnít have power, so Iíll hook up the battery wires first. Red goes here (+), black goes here (-)Ö
*HOWEVER, disconnect your battery first! We don't want you to do an OOPS!.

Hereís the stock coil and igniter.

Clip and strip the wires like so:

and pinch on some spade terminals.

Plug in your red and green wiresÖDonít forget to heat shrink them to prevent cross arcing.

Heat Shrinking... DO A GOOD JOB!!! =)

By now, we have the power supply, and the igniter going into the FC1000. It's time to send the fc1000 to the coil. Note how the (+) and (-) is molded into the coil.

Crimp some small ring terminals on to the black and white wires and screw them onto the coil.

Pop your cover back on to the coil.

And connect your fuses.
Jacobs is nice enough to give you some water-tight boxes for them. Very well designed for longevity.

Make sure everything is buttoned up and enjoy the light show.

Zap #1

Zap #2

Zap #3

Zap #4 - (That's a 2 inch jump to the coil!!!)


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