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-RX-8 Street Port -

- Renesis street port dyno results for the RX-8.

Dyno Before: (click to enlarge)

Dyno After: (click to enlarge)

For the RX-8, we start by removing and disassembling the Renesis engine. Each piece is meticulously cleaned and measured for wear. The porting is done with only the highest quality equipment, and with the care that you'd expect. 

All edges are radius cut for improved flow without greatly altering port timing-which retains the long lasting and emissions legal attributes of the engine.

A great deal of work is done in the exhaust runner, which is very restrictive stock. Exhaust ports are opened just a few degrees early, but not enough to adversely effect emissions. The engine remains clean burning. The best part may be an actual INCREASE in fuel economy. +2mpg has been reported with no change in driving habits.

All intake runners are deburred and smoothed. Primary ports are extended moderately, but no increase in port timing is given (to retain the stock rpm power band range). Epoxy backfilling is also done in the primary ports to decrease the turn-in angle and vastly improve directional flow characteristics.

Secondary ports are smoothed and a radiused cut edge is given-eliminating the side seal impact associated with the port closing edge. This can infinitely increase the life of the side seals and eliminate the compression loss associated with their early wear.
Auxiliary ports can be left with stock timing, extended slightly, or even bridge ported, according to your requirements. Please inquire.

From this porting and good tuning, expect 20-30% hp increase. Below you will see pictures of the porting.

*Please click on the images to enlarge.

Image #1 - Primary Intake Port

Image #2
- Secondary Auxillary Intake Port

Image #3
- Exhaust Port

Image #4
- Full Side Housing Primary Intake Port/Exhaust Port

Image #5
- Full Side Housing Secondary Intake Port/Exhaust Port

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